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Vanilla Concrete Brass Earrings

Is geometry inspired by nature? Or is nature inspired by geometry? The answer may be hidden in these handcrafted concrete and brass earrings inspired by the star-shaped vanilla orchid. Classic, ethereal and timeless, these astral earrings are a wardrobe must have.
₹ 3,500.00 incl tax
₹ 2,700.00 incl tax

Hanger Concrete Brass Earrings

In a flip, the quintessential multipurpose hanger earring is redefined into an unconventional pair of earrings. The inverted hanger is a reminder that there is beauty even in the most mundane. Team up this geometrical piece of jewellery with your favourite staple to go edgy and chic.
₹ 2,700.00 incl tax

Bauhaus Concrete Brass Earrings

An ode to Bauhaus - the famous German art school, which is renowned for its design approach and inclination to bring together aesthetics with functionality. These concrete brass earrings interpret the singularly unique Bauhaus emblem designed by German artist Oskar Schlemmer. Whether its a gift you are scouting or an accessory to add to your jewellery trunk, this is a must have.
₹ 4,200.00 incl tax
₹ 3,200.00 incl tax

Dangling Orb Earrings in Concrete and Brass

Have a thing for the retro danglers? Handmade in concrete and brass, the dangling orb earring is strung together by brass chains. The dangling spheres are clean and playful, an impeccable choice for any outfit and every occasion.
₹ 3,500.00 incl tax
₹ 2,100.00 incl tax

Bracket Concrete Brass Earrings

Created for the minimalist and the one with the eye for detail, the linked square bracket earring in concrete and brass is a call for clarity - in design and thoughts. The kind of clarity that prompts the wearer to flaunt their quirkiness with pride!
₹ 2,400.00 incl tax
₹ 1,500.00 incl tax

Rhombus Concrete Brass Earring

Add the perfection of the rhombus, geometry's most precise shape, to your collection for an exquisite silhouette of the minimal and aesthetic variety. Handmade with concrete and brass, these geometrical earrings are for the one with an unconventional style.
₹ 2,800.00 incl tax
₹ 1,700.00 incl tax

Honeycomb Concrete and Brass Earrings

Is there anything more perfectly shaped than a natural honeycomb? These handcrafted earrings in concrete and brass are sure to add a buzzy charm to your look with their hexagon shape offset with aligned concrete balls. We say, this statement piece also adds up as an interesting gifting option.
₹ 2,700.00 incl tax

Saturn Concrete Brass Earring

Let the powers of the universe make you shine brighter with this handcrafted pair of earrings inspired by the planet Saturn. Five brass rings lovingly cradle the concrete sphere, much like Saturn's magnificent rings. Bring in cosmic vibes to your jewellery trunk with these circular studs.
₹ 4,200.00 incl tax
₹ 2,700.00 incl tax

Cubic Concrete Brass Neckpiece

Echoing the principles of modern architecture - balance, rhythm and harmony - this cubic necklace handmade in concrete and brass reflects strength in beauty. With minimalistic elegance, this necklace adds quite a full dose of style.
₹ 5,500.00 incl tax
₹ 3,500.00 incl tax

Orb Oblong Concrete Brass Neckpiece

A stack of orbs and cubes tumbled together to create an aesthetically delightful oblong. Unequal but beautifully balanced, this neckpiece made out of concrete and brass is a must-have in a fashionista's closet.
₹ 5,900.00 incl tax
₹ 4,900.00 incl tax

Cheeky Spine Earrings

Inspired by the sophisticated splendour of jazz parties in the 1920s, the Cheeky Spine Earrings are a minimalist ode to their elegance. Handcrafted from 80% recycled brass and plated in 24 K matte and glossy gold dual finish, this versatile pair of earrings makes for a suave addition to any look.
₹ 1,299.00 incl tax

Clean Cut Flap Laptop Bag

Looking for a carry all for 'back to college' ? Detailed with a flap, this leather laptop bag can accommodate a 16 inch laptop with style and comfort. You can sure have the best of both worlds by using it as a bag for all your belongings and travel carry ons too!
₹ 9,200.00 incl tax
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